Welcome to the home of Lilywhite Bichons. We live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, under the exquisite Carolina Blue Sky. Our home is in the country on 4+ acres of land, where our Bichons have access to lots of room for exercise and play.

  • NO CAGES! - Lilywhite Bichons are free to explore, roam, sunbathe and play during the day on our decks, in their sun room, in a fenced 25x75 gravel lot and in a 25x65 grass lot. They are free to come into the house most of the day!
  • NO "RUNS"! - Lilywhite Bichons are NOT confined in cement or gravel floored 5x7 "runs" surrounded by chain link for their "exercise," only to be returned to their cages after their "exercise."
  • CRATING - Lilywhite Bichons come and go in their open crate "dens" as they wish for daytime naps. Most sleep in crates at night, and the pups are able to observe a normal night time habitat for the adults. Depending on maturity, pups will be crated at night to begin the process of housetraining for their new homes.
     Our goal is to place each pet puppy in a loving, safe home that is prepared to welcome a young Bichon Frise, and is able and willing to care for the needs of this very special companion animal.

"We breed to show"

     What does that mean? It means that our primary objective is to breed healthy, happy Bichons that most closely meet the AKC STANDARD for Bichons Frises. We wholeheartedly love this breed and enjoy breeding, raising and showing only the very best.

     To meet this health goal entails ensuring the parent's of our pups are certified for health by having their eyes examined and declared clear and healthy by a veterinary specialist in opthalmology The hips of the parents are xrayed and certified - OFA'd. Additionally, we breed only those that are of a sweet, loving and stable temperament.

"But we just want a pet!"

     Exactly! We keep and show those Bichons that are closest to the standard and place those that are evaluated to be pets. The difference between a pet Bichon and a show Bichon is generally insignificant to a pet owner. For example - a tooth or bite that is not correct. Most often a pet pup has a small shortcoming that you might not even notice.

     Our SHOW Bichons and our PET Bichons are the SAME quality. That is because they all come from the SAME parents - Parents who are of superior structure, health and temperament.

     If you are unfamiliar with this breed, please log onto to learn more about the Bichon Frise. We are proud members of the Bichon Frise Club of America and The Asheville (NC) Kennel Club.

     So, if you are interested in a Lilywhite Bichon Frise puppy, please complete our Puppy Buyer Questionnaire and return it to us. We'll be happy to respond.

Thank you.

Jan Jamison
Lilywhite Bichons


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Jan Jamison
Asheville/Hendersonville Area in North Carolina

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